Best Potty Chairs and Seats of 2021

by Rita.La

Do you feel that your child is ready for potty training? Then this may be a perfect time to look at purchasing the best potty chair or perhaps even the best potty seat. To seek out the ideal potty goods available on the current marketplace, I’m here to give you my top picks with the best pieces of advice.

Believe me, being a new mom; taking care of a baby, dealing with the house chores, and on top of that changing the diapers every now and then, all of that can be very exhausting. Regrettably, potty-training additionally demands a whole good deal of patience. Fortunately, you will find techniques to really get the process somewhat simpler, by for instance buying the good potty chair that will perfectly suit your toddler. I’m here now, to enable you to do precisely that.

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Potty Seat Vs Potty Chair

The potty chair is more common for most of the parents than the potty seat. Potty chairs are just that; small chairs that your son or daughter could get on/from each time they need to do their number 1 or the big number 2. They are the best solution for babies under the age of two; however, you also need to clean them out after every usage. Potty chairs are perfect for starting the potty training experience, but they can’t be used indefinitely. Your toddler will have to learn to use, one day or another, the large regular toilet seat.


If you feel that your child is ready for this transition, you’d preferably like something that does not require that much daily care. The potty seat is handy gear that will worth every penny. In general, potty seats fit over most toilet bowls, making it simple for your baby to sit comfortably and safely such that your tot won’t fall into the potty while doing their business. 
.A potty seat is also portable, easier to wash, and even smaller..The use of a stepstool with potty seats is often needed, particularly for smaller kids, but a few selections include a built-in staircase.

Things to Consider to buy the best potty chair or seat

To buy a good potty chair or seat, you need to look for some essential features so you can find the perfect fit for your tot.

For a Potty Chair

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Style and Design
  • comfort
  • Space/storage
  • Extra-Features

it's a fact you'll be cleaning the potty of your baby a lot, so make sure to choose one with a removable inner to clean it up separately, don't forget to look up for a splash shield too, it helps to maintain all of the waste in the bowl, very important especially for boys if you know what I mean.

Purchasing a potty chair with a great design that looks like a toy or their preferred character will probably encourage your son or daughter to utilize it because, as you know, toddlers love items that look interesting and enjoyable

Comfortability,  Probably one of the essential things that everyone should find while utilizing the toilet. 

Your child, too, deserves some comfort. Try to find a stable potty chair with a soft, smooth surface. Some of these items are created out of cushioned fabric, and they are specially made so they can be very easy to clean.

While potty training, most toddlers tend to spend a lot of time in the toilet; consider buying a potty chair with a backrest so they can feel more comfortable.

You don't want a potty chair that takes all the space in your bathroom. Choose one that can be easily put aside in the corner of your bathroom and can be quickly reachable.

To motivate your baby to use more the potty chair, you can pick one with a sensor that plays music as your kid sits on the potty. There are also potty chairs that look like a real toilet with handles that make a flushing noise when pressed, or for example, one that has a toilet tissue dispenser for more convenience. All these extra-features can make the potty training experience more fun for your tot.

For a Potty Seat

  • safety
  • comfort
  • Splash Guard
  • Storage
  • Extra-Features

One important thing to consider when buying a potty seat is safety. Make sure its size will fit your toilet bowl so that your toddler will be totally secure when he or she sits on it. You can also look for seats with fastenings; they help the potty seat stay fixed to the toilet by suction cups, wings or a hinge so that it can stay right in place.

Like the potty chair, a potty seat must be comfortable, most of them have soft, cushioned seat so it can be all soft for your baby's little butt.

An important feature to look for, especially if you have a boy, it ensures that the pee stays right in the bowl without splashing around the entire bathroom.

The potty seat doesn't take as much place as a potty chair it can be easily attached to the toilet with a storage hook ( you can buy it separately if it doesn't come with the potty seat), it's a great advantage as it doesn't take any extra space in your bathroom.

Some potty seats come with handy extra-features to make the potty training experience simpler for your tot like for example, foldable seats, so you can take them everywhere while you travel, or potty seats that come with a ladder, so your little one can reach the toilet seat all by his/her own quickly.

My Top Picks of 2021

Here are my selection of the best Potty Chair and the Best Potty seat of 2021

After giving you an idea about the most important features to look for in the best potty chair or potty seat, let’s take a look at my selection of the best picks.

Best Potty Chair for Girls

3 in 1 Fisher-Price Potty Chair

best potty chair for girls
Amazon Source

Your daughter will definitely feel like a princess on this potty chair. The cute design is surely attractive for little girls but also secure f with the handles on each side.

If you are still in the potty training phase, this potty chair is a perfect choice; it has sensors in the bowl to reward your tot with music after each success. 

The Potty ring can be removed to use on a regular toilet seat, and The lid folds down to convert to a sturdy step stool, a 3in1 Potty chair—no need to buy anything else.

I love it because

  • Easy to clean with the removable bowl
  • Handels and Backrest for more security and comfort
  • Sensors reward success with music
  • a Potty chair, a potty seat, and a stepstool-all in one

Take not that

  • Won’t fit all toilet seats

Best Potty seat for Girls

Mangohood Potty Seat with Step Stool Ladder

Best potty seat for girls
Amazon Source

This potty seat is the best if you want your daughter to learn how to be independent. She can easily get on and off all by herself. Easy-grip handles add stability, and non-skid feet prevent the seat from moving around so you can be 100% sure about the safety of your child. Your little princess will surely appreciate the comfortable cushioned seat, so she can sit as long as she needs to.
It can be quickly removed and folded up, so you can use your toilet too.
It’s really a good choice for your tot to start her independent journey.

I love it because

  • Comfortable Cushioned seat
  • Adjustable wide step
  • Very secure with an anti-slip foot and seat 
  • very easy to remove and fold up

Take not that

  • Doesn’t fit toilets that are square-shaped
  • Not suitable for high toilets 

Best Potty Chair for Boys

Thomas- Fisher price Potty Chair

Best potty chair for boys
Amazon Source

This cute little potty chair is perfect for boys who are fond of Thomas the train. The vivid colors are very attractive for toddlers, which motivates them more to use the potty chair.

Thomas, the potty chair, encourages and rewards success with fun train sounds, making the potty training journey all amusing for your little one.
What I like the most about Thomas is that it has a removable potty seat, which helps make the transition to the regular toilet easy, with handles on the seat to ensure your kid’s safety.

The potty lid folds down to convert to a stepstool that helps kids climb aboard the toilet or to reach the sink to wash his hands.wash his hands.

I love it because

  • Three-in-one function.
  • Built-in splash guard for boys
  • Fun Design 
  • Music to reward success 
  • Easy to clean removable bowl

Take not that

  • Not suitable for all toilet seats
  • Some reviewers think that the splash guard isn’t big enough

Best Potty Seat for Boys

Ilin Potty Seat for Toddlers

Best potty seat for boys
Amazon Source

This potty seat is fantastic for boys who are transiting to the big toilet seat. It has a big splash shield that helps keep your toilet clean and not all messy with little wee drops here and there.

The seat also offers a backrest and handles to hold onto if your boy is worried about falling. The potty stays stable thanks to strips on the bottom to prevent it from slipping.
Besides the safety factor, it offers a cozy, comfortable potty training experience for your toddler as the seat is cushioned, your baby can sit on it as long as he needs.

Make sure to buy an extra potty stool so your tot can climb up to the toilet all by himself, Now you can enjoy the potty training journey with your baby boy.

I love it because

  • Easy to store and Clean
  • Big splash guard
  • Stable and secure on the toilet
  • Comfortable with the cushioned seat and the backrest

Take not that

  • Not suitable for all toilet seats.
  • Need an extra Step Stool for your tot to use it all by himself

Best Portable Potty Chair

BlueSnail 3-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

Best portable potty chair
Amazon Source

BlueSnail’s potty training chair is made from safe and comfortable materials that give your baby a soft surface to use.

Personally, I love it because it’s so convenient, especially when you go out with your little on, you just have to put it in its bag, its compact and takes very little space in your car or bicycle if your out for a picnic, you don’t have to run all over to find a restroom to use anymore.

This functional potty chair can be in three different ways: as a travel Potty, as a potty seat, and as a Potty chair to train at home.

I love it because

  • Convenient and lightweight to travel
  • 3-in-1 function
  • Comes with a travel bag 
  • Splash guard 

Take not that

  • Some parents noted that it’s not suitable for tall toddlers.
  • Difficult to clean when it’s used only as a potty seat

Best Portable Potty Seat

Jionchery Foldable Travel Potty Seat

Amazon Source

You don’t want to give up the pleasure of traveling or going out during potty training ! then this foldable potty seat is made up for you.
It can perfectly fit in your bag when you fold it and put it in the waterproof carry bag that comes with it. It really doesn’t take any extra place.

This cutely designed potty fits most toilet seats. It has six pieces of anti-slip pads and two pieces of locks on the bottom to keep the potty training seat securely in place, so it doesn’t wobble.

The seat is well-designed so there is no gap where your baby’s thighs or hands can be pinched.

I love it because

  • Removable splash guard 
  • fits most toilets
  • Easy to fold up and carry
  • Easy to clean

Take not that

  •  Some reviewers find the splash guard hard to remove

Best Toilet Lookalike Potty Chair

Summer My Size Potty Chair

best toilet lookalike chair
Amazon Source

This toilet lookalike potty chair is a wonderful pick to get a realistic learning experience because, as you know, our children love to copy what adults do. 

Summer’s potty training chair is really easy to use and offers a mess-free potty training experience. What I like the most about this potty is the realistic details; It has a pretend-flush handle that plays a flush sound to reward and encourage your little one.

The potty chair’s wipe compartment keeps wipes within arm’s reach, initiating your toddlers to good hygiene habits.

One thing to consider about this potty chair is that you can’t remove the splash guard if you have a daughter.

I love it because

  • flushing sound for a more realistic experience
  • Storage area for wipes or underwear.
  • Great lookalike toilet design.
  • Removable seat to use on the real toilet
  • included hook for easy storage of the seat

Take not that

  • Little bit expensive 
  • The splash guard is not removable

Best Step-by-Step Potty Training chair

Summer Step 3-in-1 Potty Training Toilet

best step by step potty chair
Amazon Source

The Summer potty has three different functions all in one. It can be used as a potty chair, a toilet seat, and a step stool.

The cushioned seat makes it a very comfortable experience for your baby. You can store wipes in a small compartment in the back of the chair; you also have a toilet paper dispenser on the side. They are great extra features to help your child take some good healthy habits from a young age.

In green or pink and with a splash guard, the Summer baby potty is suitable for girls and boys. The removable bowl can be easily removed for easier and faster cleaning.

I love it because

  • 3-in-1 function ( potty chair, seat, and step stool)
  • Wipes holder and toilet tissue dispenser 
  • soft cushioned seat for more comfort.
  • Really cute design

Take not that

  • Not easy to clean according to some  parents opinion

Let's Potty Train

Now that you have an idea about the Best Potty Chairs and Seats on the market, don’t forget potty training is an important step for your baby’s life; you have to learn to be patient with them. A good potty chair or seat will certainly help you a lot through the process.

That’s why  recommend you to choose  Summer My Size Potty Chair ,this toilet lookalike potty chair will offer a realistic experience for your tot and help him do the transition to the big seat very quickly with the removable seat feature.

You just have to choose now and let the potty training journey begin! Don’t forget to share your advice and opinions below in the comments.

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