Potty Training Girls: Tips for a Successful Training

by Omar L

Potty training is a bit difficult task for parents. The transition from nappies to potty might become difficult for the kids that’s why children have trouble using the potty.

Some children start to use the potty earlier while others take some time. The potty training of children is different if we consider girl and boys potty training.

Potty training girls is easier as girls can stay on task and learn things faster. But parents especially new parents need some guidance to start this training.

In this article, I will guide you and provide some of the best ways that help you to know how to potty train a girl

The right time to start the training

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Firstly, you should know about the right time to start potty training. The best time to start this training is when you feel that your little princess is completely ready for this.

Girls learn this training earlier as compared to boys. You can start to train your daughter as early as 18 months or maybe she takes 3-4 years.

Time can vary but I advise you to avoid starting it at the time when changes are coming in her life such as when she starts nursery and the time when a new sibling arrives in your family.

Starting the potty training

You can have an open-door bathroom policy at your home. It will help your daughter to learn by watching the process.
She will observe that her mum used to sit on the toilet while her father stays standing. It will realize her the different mechanisms of boys and girls for using the toilet.

Tell her tha she needs to sit on the toilet with her nappy off.

Try to make it a fun activity

Avoid to use your power and pressurizing your daughter, it will upset all the process. You should try to make all the things in a fun manner.

Before you start the training show your daughter a video about potty training. You can also use a picture book or potty training charts. There are also potty training apps available.

Watch all these things with your daughter. It will make things more interesting. You can also give her a favorite doll while sitting o the potty.

Equipment needed for potty training girls

potty chair

You only need to buy a potty for the training – you can check here our selection of Best Potty  Chairs and Seats. Because the training on the potty is more secure than starting it on the toilet. The potty is easy to use and move.
Tell your daughter that the potty is owned by her only.

I advise you to make the potty fancy. You can paste a sticker of his favorite princess or write her name on it. Doing all this makes your daughter feels leisure and secures using it.

If your daughter is excited to use the toilet then you should use a training seat. In addition to this, you also need a step to the toilet seat so that your princess can hop on and off easily by herself.

Motivate your girl to use the potty

You should try to spark her interest in the training. Take her to the shopping and purchase that potty that your daughter choose by herself.
Tell her that she is now big enough to use the potty. You should also praise her during potty training. Give her rewards to keep her interested.
Train her to recognize the signs of the urge to wee.

During the training, you need to put the potty at the access of your daughter and remove her nappies also.

You should keep an eye on her to check the sign of wee such as hopping, wriggling, and holding her hands between her legs.

After getting the sign you should encourage your daughter to sit on the potty ad use it freely. Be prepared for any puddle because your daughter is just started to learn it.

How can you deal with potty-training accidents

Keep trying the training as your child will masters it with time. Try to make it easier for her.

Dress her in loose-fitting clothes to easily take off and on by herself. If your daughter has an accident don’t make her feel bad. It can disturb her.

Preventing infection

Urinary infections are more common in girls[1]https://www.womenshealth.gov/a-z-topics/urinary-tract-infections as compare to boys therefore it is necessary to teach your daughter the accurate way to wipe, especially when she has a poo.
This will help to prevent any infection and spread of bacteria. You can show her how to pat herself dry after she wees.

Nighttime training

Night-time training is trickier and takes longer. After your daughter expert the potty training you should start to check her nappies after naps to see whether they’re dry. Wait and watch for several nights to observe that how long your daughter will hold to wee.

If your daughter gets succeded keeping her diaper dry at night then you can try to sleep her without nappies.
Avoid making them feel ashamed if f you found her bed wet. She might be failed several times during the early days. Just avoid giving her those drinks that lead to more wee, such as hot chocolate.

Keep a night light and potty in her rooms so that she can get up and go to wee at night.

Final Thoughts

Following all these simple potty training tips for girls will help you to train your daughter faster and secure.

You should need to handle the situation carefully, potty training girls is not easy at first,don’t lose temper and try everything to keep the training simple. Also, avoid giving much attention to the training.

Schedule it up and set examples and get succeeded.

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