Printable Potty Training Chart: Choose Your Favorite One for Free

by Rita.La

Potty training is a big step for your toddler but also a challenging period for you, the parents. Some of you may think, “here we go, finally no diapers !” but believe me, potty training won’t be easy at first. Your little one is in a transition phase, from diapers to the toilet, and usually, it can be confusing for him or her. To help your kid succeed in this important milestone of his toddlerhood, a potty training chart can be a playful motivation method to start with.

What is a Potty Training Chart ?

A Potty Training Chart is a calendar or fillable chart that gives you the possibility for you as parents or caregivers to track your child’s progress and success throughout potty training.

It gives your child all the motivation he/she needs to use their potty, it’s a great way to encourage them and celebrate their success by giving them sometimes a reward.

Your potty training chart can be infinitely customizable, you can either buy a ready to use one or make a special one for you toddler; this way it can be a fun activity to share with your little one, and most of all it will get him/her more involved to the whole potty training experience. There are also free printable charts that you will find easily on the internet and below in this article.

How To Use it ?

You can use the Potty training chart in several ways, depending on the chart itself and the training method you want to use. Usually, after each success (sitting on the potty, peeing in the potty, flushing the toilet …), you can give your child their favorite sticker to fill in the chart box, or help them draw something funny, anything, as long as your toddler can have visual proof of his accomplishment.

After your child fills in a certain number of chart boxes, you can consider offering them a small reward to encourage them to continue the potty training journey.

Of course each child is different, but you will want to follow some of these tips to have a successful potty training chart experience :

  • Try to communicate as much as possible with your tot, try to explain them every part of the chart. Make sure your child knows why he hang a sticker in that specific box, also what they need to do to earn one and why you will give them a possible prize at the end of each step. Kids usually learn from repetition, don’t forget to allways remind them.
  • One important thing to consider is that the chart must be accessible to your tot, so they can easily see it after each trip to the bathroom. With time and practice your child could use the potty and the chart without your assistance or help.
  • To keep your child into the potty training chart experience, try to customize it with their favorite interests, it can be cartoon caracter, superhero, cars, dolls….
  • Finally, don’t forget about the final prize, try to reward your tot with something they like after each big step, or after filling a certain number of chart boxes, you can make up your own rules, it all up to you and your child, see more about rewards below.

Why not give your little one a reward ?

As mentioned above, using a reward system is an excellent approach to encourage potty training success.

Here are some good reward ideas to consider :

     1. Sticker chart
It’s very well-known that children love to stick anything everywhere, having a sticker chart can be rewarding for itself especially when the stickers represent their favorite character or toy.
   2. yummy treat
a little candy, M&Ms or skittles can be a really good reward for your tot to encourage them to stay dry during the day .

   3. Collectible items
if your baby is not fond of sweets, you can consider buying a collection of small items, like cars, little dolls, or a set of minions for example, and give one item of the collection each time they fill all the squares in a row for instance.

  4. Use your imagination 

You know your little one more than anybody else, so imagine what will please them the most, if they fill all the chart sheet consider giving them a bigger gift, maybe a special dinner somewhere, a visit to an animal park, a playful activity with their friend, let your imagination run wild.

Most of the parents, myself included will advise you to not get your kid used to big reward every time they accomplish a little step on the potty training chart, like sitting on the potty or flushing the toilet. The value of each reward must be appropriate for the step reached by your child because don’t forget accidents might happen and you don’t want your child to be too disappointed and demotivated.

Get your free Printable Potty training chart

you can either make your own potty training chart( you can use this great website, for example) or download and use one of ours : 

Printable potty Chart for Girls

Perfect Printable potty training chart for girls, very amusing for your little princesses who love unicorns, you can reward your daughter each time she filled all the heart of each step.

Printable potty training chart for boys

This much simpler potty training chart is filled with the stickers of your son’s choice, and after feeling all the numbers on the sheet, you can give him a little gift to reward and encourage him.

Best potty training Chart

This colourful potty training chart is suitable for boys and girls. Like the first one, you can choose to give your little one a gift after filling each step with stickers.

Bottom Line

Not need to spend your money on potty training charts, free printable potty training chart will do it just fine, get your child to choose their favorite one among these above.
Enjoy your transition to the toilet, YeY!

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