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If you are a busy parent, you will appreciate any opportunity to have your hands free for a little while, so you can get some chores done or even take a quick break. You have undoubtedly seen this strange object known as the baby jumper, and perhaps you have even discussed with your pediatrician all the benefits that it can bring to your child? These baby jumpers adapt easily to any door and provide your little one with enough fun and action to give you the time you need so much.

Outdoor baby jumper
You will find different models of baby jumpers on the market. All of them have the same operating principle, namely a seat (in which your child will sit) attached to an elastic strap. By its structure, a baby jumper, therefore, allows your child to work on the motor skills that will be essential for his learning to walk afterward. Thanks to the upright position, the baby will gradually and gently get used to this new position.

This will allow your baby to stand up easily, hop on his feet. This is the perfect object to get your child to spend all of his energy preparing for calm and restful nights! The baby jumper will significantly increase your child’s confidence and, at the same time, their autonomy.

Here is a complete description of this very special object and my advice on choosing the right one for your baby.

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Existing Types of Baby Jumpers

Doorway Jumper

The doorway baby jumper is the most popular model on the market. It is also the one you are likely to find at a nursery or a nursery school because it is both practical and effective. Mostly since it was the first type of jumper that was marketed for children, it stands out for its fixing, which is usually done on a door. In fact, you just need to place it on the doorframe so that the child can stay close to you while you do your household chores or work.

The doorway baby jumper has several elastic straps. They are attached directly to the seat to ensure its stability when the child is playing. While most are at the end of the seat, some straps are attached to the side so the child can catch and support themselves.

 Thanks to these multipoint harnesses, your child will be able to play in complete safety. Aside from security, this baby jumper is appreciated for its practicality. Since it has only one hard part that provides support for the child, it is easy to store and transport. You just have to fold it and put it in its bag to take it on your outings or vacations. Using a suspension system, you can mount it on a door like a tree branch when you’re at the park.

Stand Alone Jumper

The stand-alone baby jumper is a more modern type of baby jumper. It responds to the ergonomic problem emitted by the suspended jumper. Therefore, its composition is the same as a classic jumper except for the fact that it has full support . However, the seat is much more mobile and allows the child to jump safely.

The main advantage of this type of baby jumper is the protection it offers to the child. Unlike the hanging model, it doesn’t  use the straps to keep the child stable when they land on their feet. The fixed baby jumper is supported on its support to ensure the safety of your baby. Especially since this holder allows you to use it anywhere; secondly, you should know that this type of baby jumper will enable children to have fun in many ways. Since it has a game board, your child will have a great time if they are not yet ready to learn to jump or feel tired. 

The goal is to facilitate the discovery of his environment and promote his physical development. The presence of these accessories is a considerable asset for the fixed jumper. However, you should consider that the stand-alone baby jumper is not as practical as the other type of model. In particular, you will not be able to take it on your short trips, because it is difficult to transport

Things To Consider When Buying a Baby Jumper

  • baby's weight icon Baby's weight and height
  • Seat adjustments
  • Comfort
  • Multi-point safety harness
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Extra Features

you must refer to the manufacturers' weight and minimum size recommendations. The baby jumper will then be perfectly adapted to your child's morphology and will not entail any health risks.

Most baby jumper models on the market will allow you to make more or less precise settings. Some will even adapt to your child's growth, thanks to their height adjustment systems. Although they are a bit more expensive to buy than regular models, you will keep them longer

Obviously, each baby bouncer's Seat has been specifically designed to guarantee a feeling of maximum comfort to your child. Remember, he could spend several minutes a day for several months! It is, therefore, essential that this product is enjoyable for your child. The springs that hold the baby bouncer to the structure are also essential in the feeling of comfort. This system allows the gentle absorption of all movements made by the baby in his Seat.

Only choose baby jumper models whose harness has several attachment points (i.e., several elastic straps supporting the harness). This is a point on which you must be absolutely uncompromising. Do not forget that your child will be very restless in his baby jumper, so the presence of several elastic straps will be the only valid guarantee for his total protection. With a single strap, the risk of the baby jumper tipping over becomes too great.

It's not really the kind of object your child will use all the time. You will therefore have to think about finding a space for it to store it in your home. If you live in a small area, be smart, and turn to a foldable model. This will significantly simplify transportation for you as well.

This is typically one of the most important things to consider with the security aspect. Depending on your child's tastes and play habits, you will choose one baby jumper over another. You can also take the opportunity to try new experiences with Baby by introducing sounds or lights emitted in response to an action performed by your child. All these extra-features are intended to maintain your baby's attention sustainably.

My TOP Picks of 2021

Get a look at my selection of the best Baby Jumper of 2021

Best Doorway Jumper

Bright Starts Bounce Door Jumper

Best Doorway BAby Jumper

Amazon Source

This Bright Starts Bounce’N Spring baby jumper is popular for its ease of setup. As this is a hanging model, you can easily install it on the door or any other hanging place. In terms of safety, you can count on the elastic straps it has. Support is provided by large harnesses and a bar from which descend two further straps attached to the seat’s end. With this accessory, your child can have fun jumping while enjoying the best possible protection. Especially since the seat of this baby jumper is high enough to hold it in place.

The Bright Starts Bounce’N Spring also takes advantage of its many accessories over other baby hanging jumpers. While discovering his surroundings by moving little by little on this accessory, the child will be able to grab certain toys provided with the model. For example, you will find a mirror, a teether, and two soft toys with which your baby can play. The removable back cushion it offers is one of the accessories not to be overlooked because it brings more comfort to your toddler. So whether he knows how to stand or not, this baby jumper can help him develop his physical skills.


I love it because

  • it’s budget-friendly
  • Offers additional toys
  • Light and portable
  • Padded seat ring for baby’s comfort.
  • Strap allows adjustment according to baby’s height

Take not that

  • Need a wide doorway
  • It better to be used under an adult’s supervision 

Best stand-alone Baby Jumper

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Best Standalone baby jumper

Amazon Source

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo Jungle is a baby jumper intended for home use. As it is fixed, it will mainly be used to distract your child when you are at home, and you cannot hug them for too long. If parents so appreciate it, it is above all for its practicality. Its seat is removable and can therefore be removed for washing. Of course, this model is foldable. This makes it easy to store and transport when you want to take it with you on the go. Just slip it into a small bag, and you’re good to go!

In terms of comfort, the Fisher-Price Jumperoo Jungle will satisfy your baby thanks to its padded seat and its possibility of rotation up to 360 °. The seat level is also adjustable to adapt to the height of the child. Thanks to its 4 trays, your child will be able to develop his sense of touch, vision, and listening. The 3 main areas are equipped with classic games with animals of all kinds. The fourth, on the other hand, is more modern and requires a battery. It presents sounds and lights that allow children to see their surroundings differently than they are used to.

I love it because

  • Lights and sounds to encourage baby to jump
  • Removable and washable Seat
  • Different Entertaining Toys
  • Colorful Design

Take not that

  • Occupied a lot of floor space
  • Expensive
  • Some features require batteries

Best Portable Baby Jumper

Summer Pop Baby Activity Center

Best Travel Baby Jumper

Amazon Source

Sometimes you are on the move, and you also want a spot for the baby to play with without becoming saturated in sand and dirt. This mobile jumper simply may be an ideal solution for a busy lifestyle.

This baby jumper is about to go in an instant’s notice; you just have to unfold it. Plus, it collapses as readily — fitting right into an enclosed traveling tote with a shoulder strap.

It can fix to three distinct heights as well as features a sunshade contained, and it is an excellent alternative to using sunscreen in your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin.

After your trip to the beach with the baby, you just have to put the seat into the washer to clean it.

I love it because

  • Include removable canopy to protect your baby from the sun 
  • it’s lightweight and portable
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Affordable
  • Travel Bag included 
  • Toys included

Take not that

  • it may not be as entertaining as traditional jumpers
  • height adjustment limits 

Best Entertaining Baby Jumper

Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo

Best Entertaining Baby Jumper

Amazon Source

Fisher-Price Animal Wonders is a baby jumper suitable for over six months. It has a 360 ° rotating seat and secure support so that the child can jump or play other games. It is also made of quality materials and a dimension that allows the child to play overtime. Of course, its unisex design makes it suitable for boys and girls. Its seat is padded to provide maximum comfort to the child.

Among the accessories of the Fisher-Price Animal Wonders, you will find several game boards. While some include classic toys such as bat-at panda & elephant, lion slider, alligator flipper, froggy teether, others contain more advanced games. This is particularly the case with the tray, which works with two batteries. Music, lights, and sounds reward and encourage your baby’s every bounce, which stimulates the baby’s listening and vision to understand his environment better. Parents will have no trouble maintaining it, as this jumper’s seat is removable and machine washable.

I love it because

  • Fun, colorful Unisex design
  • Washable Seat
  • Durable
  • Very entertaining with lights, sounds and lot of different toys
  • Adjustable Height positions 
  • 360 degrees rotating seat 

Take not that

  • Take lot of floor space
  • Little bit expensive
  • some toys requires batteries

Best Outdoor Baby Jumper

Jolly Jumper - The Original Baby Exerciser

Best Outdoor Baby Jumper

Amazon Source

The Jolly Jumper Super Stand is the most secure hanging jumper. Instead of hanging it on the door or a branch, its sturdy frame can be assemble  anywhere with no tools. Therefore, it presents itself as a full swing because it is supplied with 4 feet as support. In addition to making it more convenient, this equipment increases the safety of the child. Whether your baby is doing small bounces or big jumps, they are not at risk of falling or injuring themselves, as the seat will be perfectly balanced, especially since it is designed to adapt to the child’s size and will hold it in the best possible way.

This baby jumper is suitable for children from 3 months old and can be used up to their 3 years old, but this, of course, depends on the baby’s size. As this is an exerciser, it has several elastic straps to protect your baby from a possible fall.

I love it because

  • Easy to fold and store
  • it’s support itself
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use  
  • Safer than doorway jumpers

Take not that

  • Little bit expensive
  • Take a lot of space
  • It may not be as entertaining as traditional standalone jumper 

At What Age a Baby Can Use a Jumper ?

If you want to buy a baby jumper or a bouncer on your own, make sure you offer it to your baby at the right age. Indeed, the child must already have a specific tone and have experienced several positions to prevent the toy from stunting its growth. Clearly, your baby should be able to sit up on his own to use a jumper, around 6 or 7 months old. Before that, this toy could be harmful to the growth of the child.

Baby Jumper Safety Precautions

In terms of using this object, you will need to follow some common-sense rules for your child’s well-being. Start by making sure the baby jumper is placed on a flat surface and of course it must obviously be cleared of any dangerous or sharp object. Avoid the proximity of stairs,  swimming poolq, or even ropes that could cause strangulation.
If you are using a doorway jumper, make sure to follow these safety instructions :

  • unhook and store the jumper when not in use
  • install the baby jumper in a door frame wide enough to secure the clamp
  • Adjust the baby jumper so that baby’s toes touch the floor when not jumping

Finally, be aware that the baby jumper should only be used under a responsible adult’s continuous supervision.

Of course, we advise you to turn exclusively to products that meet all current safety standards. This is the only way for you to make sure that your baby jumper is safe for your child. We also recommend that you choose a model whose manufacturer is a major player and recognized in the world of childcare.
Stop using the baby jumper when your child:

  • is able to walk
  • weighs more than recommended by the manufacturer

Final Thoughts

The baby jumper is a way for your little one to let off steam and for you to have your hands-free for a little while. Don’t forget to take all the necessary precautions when using this item. Do not hesitate to share with us your opinion below in the comments.

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